How to Find Total Number of Posts of Other blogs

You started a blog in a certain niche, and did all the research about the topics. One of SEO things that you can do is to spy on other blogs or competitors. You will be able to see how they survive and the techniques they used. You may also want to know the total number of posts they made till date. It's fairly easy to find out the same, just follow the following instructions.

How to Find Total Number of Posts of Other Blogger blogs

*Go to the blog feeds by adding /feeds/posts/default to the blog.

Example: or and then

1. Right click and select view page source. another page will pop up.
2. Search for <openSearch:totalResults> (Control+F on keyboard then type <openSearch:totalResults>) and you can see the number of published posts on that blog, enclosed withing the <openSearch:totalResults> and </openSearch:totalResults> tag.

 Now you'll have an idea on how long or how many posts made by the blog you're spying. anyway this is just for researching purposes no harm intended.

Hope this gave you another worth of time knowledge in your blogging career.

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How To Easily Install Google Analytics To Blogs

One of the best way to monitor our blog of its advancement including traffic count and characteristics of readers is to have Google analytics installed in your blog. You spend many hours writing great articles for your website. So why not take a few minutes to set up Google Analytics to monitor your stats?There are many advantage of having this installed because almost everything in your blogs will be monitored, much more useful in advertising purposes in which you can track and see your targeted viewers. There are also many Adnetworks that needs your Analytics data for approval purposes.

This step by step tutorial will teach you on How To Easily Install Google Analytics To Blogger Blogs

1. Visit: and sign in your account or register a new one
2. Fill out information, then click Get Tracking ID

3. Now Log In to your Blogger Blog account
4. In the left navigation, select Settings

5. Under settings go to Others
6. Enter the Tracking code (UA-38929214-1)

Save and your Done!!!
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How to Remove or Delete Locked Widgets on Blogs

There are lots free and paid blogger templates where you can use to design your sites but one thing you might have faced while applying new template. Sometimes, when we change any new template on our site it contains some locked widgets in blogger layout which we can't remove easily as the remove or delete options are missing from the widget. Some example are Navbar and Attribution widgets by default which are also locked. So, in this tutorial, we'll learn that how can we remove locked widgets in blogs

How to Remove or Delete Locked Widgets on BlogsIt is hard to set the Layout with Blogger, as they have so many limitations. I think you may also experienced so many layout setting problems. In this post i am posting one solution for one of the main problems, that a blogger is facing from Blogspot. So now let's learn how can we remove locked widgets in blogs

About Deleting Locked Widgets on Your Blogs

When we're aimed to create professional blog specially on Blogger platform it's important to take care of each and every part. Blogger Layout page is an area where we can manage widgets easily. As I already said that sometimes some templates contain locked widgets that can't be removed easily. Those widgets might contain some content which we don't want to display on our blog and here it's necessary to remove them. Removing those widgets is not much difficult for those who've knowledge of web designing and development but newbies may face problem in it. By default, there is an attribute in Blogger specially for widgets to lock and unlock them. The Blogger's widget coding like the below code.

<b:widget id='HTML5' locked='true' title='Widget Title' type='HTML'>

</b:widget> You can see that highlighted attribution for locking widgets. If I replace "true" to "false" then the widget will become removable. So, That's the real fact behind locked widgets in blogger. Those who're interested in making blogger templates can also learn new point from it.

Remove Locked Widgets in Blogger

  1. Go To Blogger >> Template >> Backup Your Template
  2. Click Edit HTML >> Jump To Widget
  3. Select The Widget Which You Want To Remove.
  4. Now You'll Be Jumped To That Widget's Coding.
  5. Look for The Widget Coding Line, There Will Be locked='true' Attribute If It is Really Locked.
  6. Just Replace true To false & Save It.
  7. Now Go To Blogger >> Layout
  8. Click Edit On That Locked Widget
  9. Click "Remove" Button at The Bottom.
  10. That's it!

How To Find HTML/JavaScript Widget in HTML Editor?

If you can't find the locked widget in "Jump To Widget" option than maybe it can be HTML/JavaScript widget and there in Jump To Widget that kind of widgets are having HTML5, HTML2, HTML3, names so you maybe facing problem in finding your locked widget so let's locate that kind of widget in HTML editor.
  1. Go To Blogger >> Layout >> Edit Locked Widget
  2. A Popup Will Appear, Look At It's URL in The Last.
  3. You'll See Widget's ID There.

    How to Remove or Delete Locked Widgets on Blogs
  4. Memorize That Widget ID. It Will Be "HTML" And Any Number In The Last. So, Completely It Will Be HTML5, HTML2, HTML3 etc.
  5. Now Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML
  6. Click Jump To Widget Button and Click The Widget Which is Exact ID.
  7. You Can Confirm That You've Landed On The Correct Widget By Seeing It's Title. There Will Be title='widget title' Attribute In That Widget Coding.
  8. After That Just Replace true To false in locked Attribute and Remove It From Layout.
  9. You're Good if you follow it right now check it!

Congrats! You're all set, Your blog will now look cleaner and loads fasts, this tutorial is made for those in need of supplementary knowledge about blogging. If you have comments and suggestions please drop a comment :">

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Adsense Approval Tricks Using Hosted Partner Sites for Blogs

Earning through blogging is kind of easy but tough, nowadays Adsense From Google is the only Adnetwork that new or old bloggers finds very difficult to get approved. As you know that Google Adsense is highly CPC program, but to get approval is bit difficult, few years back there were no such restriction by Google, but now a day lot of bloggers even Pro blogger saying that they can’t get Google Adsense Account, So today we discover one of the most used approval method of Google Adsense.

Through this procedures I am going to teach you how to can get approval from Adsense just in a 1-2 hours. As we know that every problem has a solution, so today in this tutorial we will try to find solution of Adsense, Here we will discuss that how to get Adsense very quickly through YouTube Monetization method and later on we can add on our website, so learn step by step that how to get Adsense account approval.

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Have Google Adsense Account Approval Trick Within 1-2 Hours

Step 1: First of all you should have Gmail account, if you have then well and good and if not then Sign up for Gmail.( use new gmail incase you already used it for adsense before)

Step 2: Login to your “YouTube” Account and visit
Step 3: Now click on “Enable My Account”.

Step 4: Now accept the term & conditions, Just Click on “I accept”.

Step 5: Now new page will open, just click on “Monetize” Button“.

Step 6: After that check your Email inbox.

Step 7: Now upload a unique video in your YouTube account.
Note: While uploading video don’t forget to add proper description and Tags, Now publish your Video.

Step 8: Now link your Adsense Account, Visit here and click on “How Will I be Paid” it will expend and click on “associate and Adsense Account”.

Step 9: Now new screen will open, here you have to put your YouTube channel address in front of “I will show ad on” and click on continue button.

Step 10: Now you will be redirected to new page, here you have to put your complete information which is required, after filling complete form click on “Submit”.

Now wait for 1-2 hours, you will receive a conformation Email, Yahooooooo! You got Adsense account.

How To Link Your Website To AdSense:
Step 1: Sign in to your Adsense account and click on Account settings.
Step 2: Scroll you page down and you will see a link like Sites authorized to show ads.
Step 3: Now add URL of your website where you want to show Adsense ads.
Step 4: Now go to My ads & create new ad unit, get ad code and implement on your blogs.

            So here's the twist before posting this I search for the people who actually made a cash out from this method because me myself not yet made a cash out because of their minimum cash out is 100$(some get this amount for 2days). Fortunately in one of my Group/forum experience it and still using it till now here's his statement.
Naka cash out na po ako 3 times (bagsak lang ung main ko kaya baka next month na ulit hehe)..
Hosted account po ako nag paapproved kay Youtube pero PURE article po ginagamit ko sa blogger.
additional info lang po
almost 2 months bago ako naka $10 at almost 1 month para sa PIN then 3months bago pers cash out, 2months sa second cash out. basta po walang invalid activities na ginagawa.
(saka kung blog po gagawin nio, mag pure lang po kayo wag sa youtube kasi minsan sa youtube antaas ng ctr nakakatakot..) stable po ako ngayun sa 1 to 9 Ctr ... thankyou po...

So thats it, I hope my time to cash out will come so I can tell my own experience about this.
surely i'll be posting it here so guys give yourself a gift subscribe now for more updates.

Do you have any ways to get Adsense approval in easy way?
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How To Submit and Claim Your Blog on Alexa Tutorials

I am talking a lot about Alexa in the past and I realized I have missed out the most basic and yet useful tutorial here and that is how you can submit blogs to Alexa. Usually, Alexa pick a new domain itself but it’s always a good idea to submit your site yourself and claim your ownership. This way, you can add more details to your Blog alexa profile and make it look more professional.

There are controversies behind Alexa ranking, but I believe like many other website ranking tool, Alexa is one of the standard and we have to make sure that we get good listing and ranking on Alexa. So this, beginner guide will help you to get started with submission and claiming your site.

Here are the steps which you have to perform to submit your Blogs in alexa.
1. Visit and create an account.

2. You can create new account but if you don't want to sign up then you can also log in with your facebook account.

3 .Now go to alexa site owner page.

4. Now enter your blog/website domain name and click on Claim Your Site button as shown in below screenshot.

5 .On the next page you will get all the plans and prices that alexa offers. As being a blogger I recommend you to choose Free plan. Click on Sign Up button under “Free Plan”.

6. Once you click on sign up button, on the next page you will see two verification options. FOR BLOGGERS USE OPTION 2

7. If you are a blogspot user then choose Option 2 and add a meta tag in your blog template.
Go to Template (on the left side of your blogger) - > click Edit HTML

8. Place the Code after/below  <head>

9. After adding meta tag in your blog, save it, go back to alexa and click on “Verify my ID” button.

10. If everything is right, you will receive a confirmation message like below picture.

11. Click on continue to add your site details. Fill all the details like your site title and description, alexa rank in country and fill your public contact information.
You are done!

Adding new site/blog
If you want another blog to be added just click add site below.

Final Words!

This is to submit and claim your blogs to Alexa and this is also one way of increasing your rank at the same time creating a back link from their site. I will soon publish ways on how to increase your Alexa rank, so try to subscribe from now on.. Good luck!

I hope you enjoy it and comment below for your response.
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Blog Earning With Addynamo Adsense Alternatives

AdDynamo Adnetwork as a review

Alternative ways of earning if we are not accepted by adsense is AdDynamo. This addynamo adnetwork review will motivate you and show you the potential of this Africa's leading digital advertising marketplace 

Blog Earning With Addynamo Adsense Alternatives

As of writing this they have already increased the number of advertisers which is the problem of the former publishers. They complain of having no advertisement on their site, but they didn't know that advertisement are just hidden in IP's of viewers.

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I am here in the Philippines and ads that are showing in my IP are just blank ads and sometime it is the in-house ads of addynamo which is the pink flash ads.

  • They are now offering paid tweets for their publishers that will generate a lot of money if you have good numbers of followers
  • They have Advertisement for CPC and CPM's
  • They are now Partner of Adsense! They have this Adx program which allows you to have adsense ads in your site.
  • And this week they are launching their new program which is Paid Contents


  • Following a short setup process where we activate your site for the service, your website becomes visible to advertisers.
  • Advertisers direct opportunities your way. You have no obligation - review them & if you are comfortable, set the price you want to be paid.
  • Upon acceptance of your price, you draft the content.
  • Once the content is reviewed you publish & get paid.

I will show you later my payment proof for this adnetwork
As I remember approval from addynamo is just easy they are not choosy and will accept even if your site is just an hour old with no contents but of-course don't expect for advertiser if you don't have content.

Here are some details that you may want
  • Minimum payout: £20 by paypal
  • Ads type: Banner ads, paid content and paid tweets
  • Affiliate marketing: No
  • Revenue shared: 70-30 (publisher-network)
  • Earnings type: CP, CPM
  • Market place: No

My experience:

Since then I am using this adnetwork and having patience with their advertisements. I was offered to be a participant of their Adx Partnership with Google adsense will gives me a more lot of income.
Payment Proof for AdDynamo Adnetwork as a review

Payment Proof for AdDynamo Adnetwork as a review

Remember: They are the fastest adnetwork to pay their Publishers and they are on time to pay in monthly basis every 1st or 2nd of each month.

You can also get more from this adnetwork, adsense ads with no "killer guidelines" from adsense policy.

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