How to Add a Beautiful Accordian Table of Contents for Blogger Blogs

We always write many post for our blogs, continuous research and creating tutorials. If we are going to make a sitemap or table of Contents for our blogs it is going tobe very long and some of our readers may find it annoying scrolling down thus making some of our post hidden and not be read, this is modified table of contents from my last post Beatiful table of contents for blogger

Thanks to Abu farhan design and scripts

Feature of this script :
  • Accordion effect
  • Show and hide effect
  • CSS 3
  • Automatic add jquery
  • Different color for content
  • Different style for open and close
  • Auto Sort the title
  • Add New!! for 10 newest entry


How to use is very easy. Create Static Page .
Put the Editor in Html mode and paste below codes

Just Replace the
with you own blog URL

Save and Enjoy


Prakash Vemula Teachersbadi in said...

nice website. good looking.

James said...

How do you make the tabs condensed by default?

Mc Dewey Lacapag said...

@James it is condense in default but if you have double jqeury or installed lazy load script it will not work.

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