Best Secret SEO Techniques to Turn Images Into Backlinks


Best Secret SEO Techniques to Turn Images Into Backlinks

We have talked a lot about how important backlinks are, and how to score great ones. But while we have discussed text-based links at a great length, we haven’t really gotten around to talk about images, except from a search engine performance aspect. Yes, images are great for landing organic visitors, but you can get images to do a lot more for you, such as scoring you backlinks! Here are some of the ways you can use images to get great backlinks for your blog!

Create an infographic

Infographics are a great way to get backlinks from great authority sites like the NYTimes, and Business Insider etc. Normally, such websites won’t even respond to your request. But throw in a quality infographic, and you can instantly sweeten the deal. Such websites dig quality infographics that provide some insightful information to the users. Now we will cover the topic of creating infographics that work in detail in a future post, it should be sufficient for you know that there are many tools available that easily let you create your own infographics. One of them is Fiddle around with it, and you’ll soon become a pro at making your own infographics.


Image directories

You can also get backlinks from Image directories. Whether you’re a photographer, or a graphics designer, you can use many of the online directories available. Even if you aren’t, you can still learn by making small graphics, such as small icons etc. Or, you can hire someone at Fiverr to do your job for you.
Here are a few image directories for your benefit.
  • (Clipart)
  • (Clipart)
  • (Stock Photography)
  • (Stock Photography)
  • (Icons)
  • (Icons)

To yourself a backlink or two, upload your icons or clip-arts or photos in an archive form on your website, and then show these sites what you’ve got. You have a very good chance of getting through their selection process if the images you provide are useful. Always check the “Popular” section to see what sort of images are hot.
Now, on most sites, you can set the license to free. In that case, you will get a link to your credit as an author. And this is basically how you get backlinks. Whenever someone wants your image(s) or icons, they will get your link, which will give you instant traffic as well, not to mention a high quality backlink from a high PR website.


Searching by Image

Sometimes, people will like the images you put up on your website so much, that they’ll copy it and put it up on their own website as well. And sometimes, they might even forget to, ehm, give credit for the image. Disturbed as you might be to see your image copied, don’t panic! It’s a great opportunity to get a backlink!
First, right click on the image on your website, and copy its URL. Then, go over to Google’s image search, and click on the little image icon on the right of the search bar. This will allow you to search with an image. Paste your image’s URL in the bar, and hit enter. You will see all search results for all sites that have used your image. Check each one to see if they’ve given you an attribution link. If not, then contact them, and ask them to. By now, the image is already sitting on their website, and they wouldn’t want to remove it. Instead, most would simply go ahead and link to you to avoid any embarrassment.

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