Facebook Likebox with White Lightbox Effect for Blogger Blogs

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Everybody knows facebook like box is essential to increase facebook fan. Popup widget is more effective to increase your facebook fan rapidly. This widget gives something different from other facebook likebox popup, more attractive and most of all the characteristic of being able to manage cookies which allows it to recognize readers and prompting only once. As you all know and even myself is annoyed when everytime I click on a new page like box is popping out.

You would see this Facebook Popup Once like Box Widget wrapped style as well as a closing button for your visitors convenience.

I hope this widget would add an extra class on your blog. Please follow the below steps to add this beautiful widget into your blog.


Facebook Likebox with White Lightbox Effect

  1. Go to blogger > Open layout tab
  2. Now Add A new HTML/JavaScript widget
  3. Now paste the code given below : 

Customize Facebook Likebox.

1. Number of days when Facebook Likebox cookie will expire and this will be visible to re-visited readers.
setDays = 1000*60*60*24*30;

Default value is 30 days, you may set this value to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,… n. i.e. 7 Days, 15 Days, etc.

2.This is set to NTKthings Change this value with your Facebook page ID to work this widget for you.  


Now you are done


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