Google Adsense Launches New 970×90 ‘Super Leaderboard’ Ad Units

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Google AdSense is now proposing 970×90 ad size, a newly taken up IAB standard size furthermore renowned as ‘Super Leaderboards’. The new larger size is conceived for publicity placement on wider screens with the aim of appealing to emblem advertisers wanting to make a bigger influence on their advocating assembly.

Because this is a new publicity unit size, Google AdSense remarks that advertisers will mainly glimpse text publicity in this format for now. likeness and wealthy media ads that are endowed for the 970×90 size will primarily display up as 728×90 display publicity; as the inventory of image and wealthy media ads for the 970×90 publicity flats grow, more full-size display publicitys will be served.

Consider Your Content When Adding New Units

970×90 text ads

970×90 image ads

Right now, you will see only text publicity in

this publicity format. Because this is a emblem new publicity unit in Adsense program. It can display up to 4 text ads blended in a column layout. After endowing likeness and rich newspapers publicity, display up ads as 728×90. But according to Google’s official announcement the inventory of likeness and rich newspapers publicity for the 970×90 will rise and you’ll see full-size brandish publicity being assisted on your website or blogs.

The limit for AdSense for your content publicity flats still remains at 3 per page.

What you believe about this new ad dimensions? Any Suggestions? Are you involved in this publicity unit? I am so stimulated to understand more about your future designs about utilising Google AdSense: 970×90 ad on your blogs or websites

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