How to Add Random Post Widget to blogger Blogs

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random2Instead of creating new post everyday to reduce your bounce rate, many respected bloggers are suggesting to sell your old posts to readers. We all know that many of our posts are useful even time passed. today I am going to make a tutorial on how to add a beautiful random post and reduce your bounce rate also to promote your older posts

  • Hows Random Posts.
  • Doesn’t add load to your page loading
  • Shows the Name Of The Author.
  • Shows the number of comments.
  • Summary Showing Enabled.
  • CSS Added.
  • Hover effect for images.
Installing It On Your Blog
  • Go to blogger > Open layout tab
  • Now Add A new HTML/JavaScript widget
  • Give any title you want [ eg: Being Viewed, Recently Viewed, Now Viewing etc. Its up to you. ].
  • Now paste the code given below : 

Change according to your preferrence
Max_Post_Display=5;  is the number of post to show


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