How to Embed Facebook Posts to Blogs

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Sharing your Facebook posts on your blog page cold could help with the engagement on your site. But before you can embed a post, that particular post needs to be public. Posts with restricted privacy settings won’t be embeddable. So if you’re trying to embed your own post, make sure it is Public first.

How to do it, easy than you think

First have to grab the URL of the Facebook post you want to embed. For photos, you can easily get the URL by clicking on them. But for other media, it isn’t as easy. At least it doesn’t appear so at first. To get a post’s URL, simply click on its timestamp (see below).

How to Embed Facebook Posts to Blogs

Copy the URL from your address bar, and then go to the Facebook Configurator tool. Paste your URL in the field provided. Once your story loads in the tool, click on Get Code. You will get two code segments that look something like this.

How to Embed Facebook Posts to Blogs

The first is the code for the Facebook JavaScript SDK. You already have this on your blog if you’ve previously installed Open Graph or some Facebook widget. But in case that this method doesn’t work, then you can paste this code segment anywhere within your <body> tag. Having it twice won’t do any harm.

Now you can paste the shorter code segment in your source code wherever you want to display the Facebook post.

Try to see my DEMO

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