How To Show Post Title Only on Homepage in Blogger

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I will explain to you in this tutorial how to display post name only in the dwelling sheet in your blogger blog. this a simple cipher works on display titles only and is not a title and mail simultaneously, where the title appears on the dwelling page of the blog just by banging on it redirects to the main post, and to be adept to install this cipher in your blog, 

Follow these simple steps: 

1.Login to your blogger dashboard–> layout- -> Edit HTML
2.Scroll down to where you see </head> tag .
3.Copy below code and paste it just before the </head> tag .

How To Show Post Title Only on Homepage in Blogger
<style type='text/css'>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "static_page"'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>

.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
border-bottom:0px dotted $bordercolor;
.post h3 {
margin:.25em 0 0;
padding:0 0 4px;
font-family:Tahoma,Georgia,Century gothic,Arial,sans-serif;

.post h3 a, .post h3 a:visited, .post h3 strong {

.post h3 strong, .post h3 a:hover {color:#333333;}

.post-body {display:none;}
.post-footer {display:none;}
.comment-link {display:none;}
.post img {display:none;}
.post blockquote {display:none;}
.post blockquote p {display:none;} {display:none;}
.post-labels {display:none;}
.post-rating {display:none;}



4.Now Save your template.
5.Go to Layout–>Page Elements.Click on “Edit” link of Blog Posts Section.
6.Enter the value for “Number of posts on main page:” as your choice and click on save.

How To Show Post Title Only on Homepage in Blogger


You are done.


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