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Ultimate Rotating Social Media Icons for Blogger Blogs

Social Media 3D effect on mouse hover spinning with social widget generator for blogger, it consist social media icon of RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google +.This is one way of promoting your blog posts through maximizing the use of the current trends in giant social medias, It is very attractive that readers will surely notice your social buttons. Today I will share a great widget design for all of you.

Full Designed and Fast Loading Related Post for Blogs

Great way to keep your readers engaged with your blog is to link new posts directly to other related posts that you've previously written or by simply displaying featured or related posts at the end of your article.

Some of site offers linkwithin, outbrain and nRelate -- all good widgets available for just about any platform. Other than that, for blogger, there's hardly any script available that will properly show related posts at the end of your post (or any other place that you'd like), But this third-party related post scripts will be burden to your blog page loading

Related post widget for blogger with images and thumbnails plays an important role in increasing your traffic of your blog.such widgets helps to get clicks on related posts of your blog.there are lots of posts in your blog that does not get good amount of traffic does not matter they are written good and unique so how to get traffic for those posts which are still unnoticed by readers.then such widgets like…

Customizable Recent Post Image Gallery for Blogger Blogs

We always see recent posts in blogs but usually it is in text forms, simple because many of the coded recent posts is another burden in page loading, in terms of design blogs that is conscious with their page load usually limit their scripts and Css design,

Today I am giving you a filterable recent posts image gallery that will never add to your page load, and has a great css coding for adding spice to your blogs, Most image galleries take forever to load because they load full size images and then shrink them using CSS. This gallery loads the correct image size the first time.
Customizable Recent Post Image Gallery for Blogger BlogsBelow are some the features of the gallery:You can set your preferred image size, any size. Image will come out sharp, no pixelation.Light -what you see is what actually loaded. Most image galleries take forever to load because they load full size images and then shrink them using CSS. This gallery loads the correct image size the first time.Posts can be…

Design Your Label Widget with Matrix Effects

There are many label designs that has been around the blogosphere, since before be see a lot of colorful labels from other blogs, one example is my previews post designing your labels with 3D buttonsthat is to give you options of stylish labels.

Today i am sharing a unique and simple design that has a matrix effects,
Animated beautiful flash twitter follow me buttons
Ultimate stylish Numbered page navigation
Accordian table of Contents for blog sitemaps
I hope you will like this. It has animated matrix effect.
Add it to blogger 1. Go To Blogger Dashboard-> Your blog-> Layout-> Add a Gadget -> Labels.
2. Now make the settings which are shown in the screenshot below.

3. Select the Cloud from the labels display setting.
4. Uncheck the Show number of post per label.
5. save it by pressing orange button.
If you already installed this widgets
1. Go to template editor-> EDIT HTML: (Make a template backup before editing)
2. Find the following code in your HTML.

Fast Loading Floating Bar Sharing Buttons for Blogger Blogs

One of the great social sharing widgets. You have seen the trend of floating sharing count buttons on popular blogs. The traditional icons are now replaced with auto incremented counter buttons that are updated in seconds. It is created different versions of this bar applying both Jquery effects and CSS3 styles but this widget is different because it contains custom twitter, pinterest and an Email button. Services like Addthis and Sharethis are both doing a great job. It is however redesigned the widget provided by shareThis to create a new one by correcting all flaws.

This sharing bar would float to the left of your blog posts and would float as the visitor scrolls up or down. This widget contains counters of important social networking sites that has the potential to bring you traffic by circulating your content to a wider audience.

It has been tested on major browsers like IE7+, Firefox, Chrome etc. and found it working just fine with no compatibility issues or design conflicts.

Add Customized Multicolor Popular Post widget with Post number in Blogger

I will teach you how to design your popular post with this Customized Multicolor Popular Post widget with Post number.
The blogger has a default widget but the design is very simple and not amusing, here you can attract many readers by just place this beautiful popular post design. If you already installed Popular post widget just continue in Css placing

if you dont

Install Popular post widget to bloggerStep 1 Go to your Layout tab.

Step 2 Click on "Add a Gadget" then select "Populat Post" Gadget. and Save
So for Placing the css to your blog just follow the below stepsStep 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2 Click on Now click on -> Template -> Edit HTML-> Unfold code ►
Step 3 Now Find this code ]]></b:skin> by Pressing Ctrl + F
Step 4 Paste the below code Before/above ]]></b:skin> /*---  POPULAR WIDGET STYLE STARTS HERE---*/ #PopularPosts1 ul li a:hover{color:#fff;text-de…

Add Beautiful Twitter Follow Me Flash Buttons For Blogger Blogs

Twitter has a viral marketing effect to it wherein your tweets could spread quickly across the Twitter community if they are interesting. For example, if you're hosting a blog contest or launching a new feature on your blog, send a tweet to let your followers know. Chances are they'll spread the word as well. As word gets out, more and more people will visit your blog

Twitter is a social networking sites popular in the world of bloggers to promote their blogs. I am sharing a very cool Twitter Blogger widget, now it shows me how to add flash buttons to your twitter blogs and websites. These are the widgets based on Flash animations and have some nice effects.These buttons can help Twitter Flash Spice up your blogs, Webssites and can help you gain more followers on Twitter. These are designed and developed by I'm taking all the 15 types of one-click install to your blog.

How To Make a Floating Ads and Widgets on The Left or Right Side of Blogs - New !!

How to…

Backlinks Comprehensive Review-Backlinking Factors to Improve Site SEO

Backlinking Analogy Recommendations build trust and trust builds authority. When other sites link to yours they are effectively recommending your site. This is how your site builds backlinks or inbound links. Earning links is like earning online votes; they help to build trust among your audience. The more recommendations you have, the more trustworthy your website seems and this is what will help your website rank high in web searches. Over time your website’s PageRank and overall popularity will increase, thus building a strong authority in your niche and drawing new visitors to your site.
Why are backlinks important? Backlinks improve your search ranking. Take a look at this graphical representation of the Spearman Correlation Study of Google search result ranking factor’s:

Importance of Backlinks Among Google Search Ranking FactorsIncrease Organic Traffic in Less than 2 Months!
Backlinks have the potential to improve your site’s PageRank.
They increase your online popularity.

How To Make a Floating Ads and Widgets on The Left or Right Side of Blogs

Advertisement is one of the main route on how a writer makes money. Carefully selecting ads where visitors can easily see them gives a higher chance of being clicked.

there are many techniques on how to strategically put banners, just like putting them on the header, sidebar and below post titles.

And now I will show you a different technique, its about how to add floating banners so that you can put ads in it. Installation of this trick is very easy just like my past tips on blogger widget.

By adding this widget and carefully blending it beautifully with your template, you can increase revenue for your blog.
Very easy to install and uninstall Attractive look that makes visitors click on the ads.Has a close buttonGives chance to increase ads earnings.Readers can easily see your ads.How to Add:

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2 Go to your Layout tab.
Step 3 Click on "Add a Gadget" then select "HTML/JavaScript&quo…

Design Your Labels Widget With Beautiful Animated 3D Like Buttons

Labels is a default widgets in our blog, it is put by bloggers to showcase the post by tags and categories, but it lacks on somewhat design and it is very simple so now we will design our labels like 3D buttons which will be looking attractive more than the default style. CSS3 Gradients and Box-Shadow properties are also used to give more stylish and puppy look to blogger labels. Default blogger comes with strange design they don’t look beautiful. You can customize your Label widget by adding some CSS3 codes.
Facebook Likebox with White Lightbox Effect for Blogger BlogsHow To Add a Three Column Blog FooterHow To Upload CSS And JavaScript File in Google Drive to Speed up the Blog loading Time I hope you will like this. It has animated hovering effect and it will not get more space from your sidebar.
Add it to blogger 1. Go To Blogger Dashboard-> Your blog-> Layout-> Add a Gadget -> Labels.
2. Now make the settings which are shown in the screenshot below.

3. Select the Clo…

How to Start a Blog Using Bloggers Platform

Here is a post that has been dragged round quite a allotmentment by now. But it never appears to go out of fashion, because every year, more and more people are going into the blogosphere. latest tendencies have altered the job-oriented mentalities, and have motivated entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is high time persons should start looking into alternative causes of earnings, or even a productive interest that can pay them for their time and effort. therefore, in this post, we are going to stroll new users through in creating and setting up their first blog, and the stage they should choose.

Is blogging worth it?
That depends on how you see it really. The key behind blogging is hard work and dedication. Every job needs those two components, but blogging needs them more than anything. If you are eager to give a twosome hours or so to your blog every day, 365 days a year, only then can you wish to profit from decent pay-checks.

How To Prevent People from Copying Your Content

This post will show you how to prevent bad people from stealing your blog content.

How your blog content is copied?
Below are some of the ways people can copy your blog content:

1. Select - Copy - Paste. This can be done using your browser's menu, the right-click context menu or using shortcut keys.

2. Select - Drag - Drop. Text and images can be selected and dragged into another window.

3. Copy from RSS feed. If you want to copy an entire post this option is best. Scrapers love RSS feed because it delivers your latest post to them. They can copy all your latest content without even visiting your blog!

You might have noticed that in some websites or blog right click is disabled . Now you can also add "Disable Right Click on Blogger" widget on your blog and protect your copyright content from being used in any other website.

Best Pick Ways To Promote Your Blogs to Readers

Do you want more and more traffic to your blog?
Are you having problem to catch the attention of more readers?
Does this sound familiar? You write an good and amazing piece of content. You made sure to craft an attention-grabbing headline. You share the link on Twitter, Facebook, even Google+.

Then you wait in breathless anticipation for your share count to skyrocket. Except it doesn’t.
Never fear, in this article you’ll find fresh ideas to generate buzz and get your posts noticed.

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