How To Prevent People from Copying Your Content

prevent post in copying

This post will show you how to prevent bad people from stealing your blog content.

How your blog content is copied?
Below are some of the ways people can copy your blog content:

1. Select – Copy – Paste. This can be done using your browser’s menu, the right-click context menu or using shortcut keys.

2. Select – Drag – Drop. Text and images can be selected and dragged into another window.

3. Copy from RSS feed. If you want to copy an entire post this option is best. Scrapers love RSS feed because it delivers your latest post to them. They can copy all your latest content without even visiting your blog!

You might have noticed that in some websites or blog right click is disabled . Now you can also add “Disable Right Click on Blogger” widget on your blog and protect your copyright content from being used in any other website.

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Follow these steps

1)Log in to Blogger Dashboard –> Layout –> Page Elements
2) Click on ‘Add a Gadget‘ on the sidebar
3) Select ‘HTML/Javascript’ and add the code given below and click save.

Disable right click on your whole blog.

Disable right click on all images only

Go to your template Edit HTML and paste the following script right after the </head> tag.

Customization: You can change the message when it is click change the Highlighted words.
var alertMsg = “Image context menu is disabled“;

Shorten RSS feed

Once they grab your RSS feed, nothing can stop them from copying or doing whatever they want with it. Whatever copy prevention measures you’ve applied on the live pages will have no effect here.

That said, you can however, control how much feed they get. To prevent feed from being copied in full, offer only partial/short feed instead of full feed. Make them come to your blog if they want more.

To shorten your blog feed, go to Dashboard > Settings > Other > Site feed > Allow Blog Feed and select Short or Until Jump.

I personally prefer this one 🙂

REMEMBER: You cannot stop anyone from copying your content but you can make something to make it hard for them to copy, “doing something is better than doing nothing


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