How to Start a Blog Using Bloggers Platform

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Here is a post that has been dragged round quite a allotmentment by now. But it never appears to go out of fashion, because every year, more and more people are going into the blogosphere. latest tendencies have altered the job-oriented mentalities, and have motivated entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is high time persons should start looking into alternative causes of earnings, or even a productive interest that can pay them for their time and effort. therefore, in this post, we are going to stroll new users through in creating and setting up their first blog, and the stage they should choose.

Is blogging worth it?
That depends on how you see it really. The key behind blogging is hard work and dedication. Every job needs those two components, but blogging needs them more than anything. If you are eager to give a twosome hours or so to your blog every day, 365 days a year, only then can you wish to profit from decent pay-checks.

pay is certain thing that comes subsequent on. So blogging desires conclusion to delay out that time with all the hard work without wanting for an immediate pay. Tonnes of people fail at blogging simply because they desire to ‘get wealthy quick’. Please realize that there is no very simple way out. And if you’d rather not invest as much of your time and efforts, then I believe blogging isn’t for you.

1. Creating a blogger blog is really simple.

  • Sign in, or register yourself at
  • Once in your dashboard, click on the New Blog button on the left side.
  • Now, you will see a pop up where you will be prompted to enter a Title and Address for your blog. Fill the fields, and then pick any template you want..

 Title: any name you want your blog to be called Ex. TheBlogger911
Address: Is the URL you want, if you want same as your title just put your title EX. TheBlogger911, it will be automatically added a subdomain so your address will become:

how to start a blog
    • You are now done! You can now start writing great content on your blog. 

    2. The Dashboard

         inside the blog when your done creating it is a sidebar called dashboard here is the image

    1. The Overview you’ll see all from there
    2. Posts the list of post you’ve create
    3. Pages the pages you will create ex. contact us page, about us, Home,
    4. List of people that is commenting to your posts
    5. Google plus you can add your G+ from there
    6. Stats is where you can see the pageviews per day, week, month, year, traffic source etc.
    7. Earnings if you have applied to adsense you can your earning from there
    8. Layout you can see the structure of your blogs from there: it wil be useful in starting a blogs.
    9. Template you can edit inside using template editor
    10. Settings all  the setting control is here.

    So from here you can start a blog, my next topics will be tackling more about starting a blog.


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