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How To Remove Wrench Icons And Pencil Edit Link From Your Blogs

You may notice those wrench images like screwdrivers in every widgets of your blog. It is always shown once you are logged in your own sites. The purpose of that is easy access for editing your layout. Some bloggers get annoyed by these small wrenches so they want to remove it. Here I will teach you to remove it by just a simple trick.
In todays tutorial I am going to share and little blogger hack about how to hide pencil (quick edit), Wrench Spanner (Quick edit Gadget). This will give you a good view on your blog as you edit your layout.

Below is the image of wrench that you will remove in this simple blogger hack. Wrench Icons
Quick Edit
Remember this feature is a user friendly and useful for easy access. You can only see this if you are logged in. Readers of your blog cannot see this wrench.
How to Hide Quick Edit Icon For you to hide the quick edit icon below the every post articles:
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard =>layout
2. Click the edit link for the blog posts widget and remove …

I Don't Have Visitors, I’m Going to Quit Blogging!

I have visitors but I don’t get enough visitors, should I quit blogging?

Ask yourself  you’re a blogger and want to increase your online income then you might have tried every bit to get visitors to your blog like me. But what happened? Any expected results or disappointment?

It’s true that even after posting a lot of nice quality articles we don’t get readers, we don’t get quality backlinks and we also don’t get better ranking in search results page.

Then why are we still blogging?
Should we quit?

I’ll say no. Because if I quit today then I’ll never be able to achieve success in my life and the same will happen with you if you make a decision to leave your passion today. We have to work hard together with a lot of effort and have to work accordingly with a lot of interest in order to see success.

Our works should blow the minds of the readers. Our content should fulfill the demands of the readers. They should not only be benefited but also surprised. We have to surprise them whenever…

Change "Post a Comment" Text With a Customized Image/Text On Blogger

Design you own comment section by replacing your template default "Post a Comment" text with customized image or a text of your own selection.This is just a simple HTML editing that you need to know. You don't need to be a techy just follow my step by step instruction.

Today I am giving few pictures which you can use or you can add your own created designs.Now lets go to the tutorial: How To Replace Post a Comment Text?Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML. As always download/backup a copy of your template. click expand widget template check box Now find below small junk of code in your template <data:postCommentMsg/>

You may see this code more than once,you need to find the code which looks like or closely similar to this.

<h4 id='comment-post-message'><data:postCommentMsg/></h4>

Now replace above red colored code with one of the below image code.Here you can use your own image or your own text also.

Some Image Samples

Here I…

My Blog Was Deleted! Why and How to Back up Our Blog Posts

My blog was deleted! this is the worst case scenario of any blogger. Especially those who are in free hosting companies including the blogspot blogs. You're work is not totally yours. Anytime they want to remove your blog they can do so.

Even if you are not doing anything against their term of service. There are some free hosting companies that will not give any warning or announcement that they are moving away. I have a friend a self hosted blogger that is blogging for almost 1 and half years in a free hosting company. He is taking back up once in a while, but it did happen that he forget to back up for the last 3 months. When the company close their free hosting all of his write ups for the last 3 months was lost. So for you guys that is not yet experiencing it. Be warned for that take back up regularly.

We spent sleepless nights just to come up with a great post then one day our years of hard work will just be gone!

In this posts I will tackle why and how we should take backup …

How To Set Up Godaddy Custom Domain for Blogger Blogs

Creating a blog for fun may not need to have a custom domain, but don't you want your blog to be easy to remember?
If you are a responsible blogger you need to consider buying a Custom domain for you blog. The reasons why you need to provide a custom domain, is presented in my article: Reason why you should get a custom domain for blogs.

The most useful things in buying a custom domain in my own experience is for Reputation and Search Engine Exposures.

I strongly suggest to use namecheap instead of Godaddy.

In today's world you may find a lot of blogs, and many of them are in sub domain, its free and can generate as many as you want. I experience seeing many widget posts  and decide whether get it from a subdomain site or custom domain site, and made me decide to get the widget from more trusted site which has a custom domain.

If you have purchase a custom domain from namecheap you may find my complete tutorial here:
How to set up NameCheap custom domain for blogs

Today I'll t…

13 Crucial Blogging Mistakes You Should Know

In some point we are new to blogging and may make mistakes. Here are the most crucial mistakes that you should avoid as you start your blogs, remember Blogging is a career with passion.
Blogging Mistake #1 – Not Updated Blogs It never fails.You sets up a new blog and is all excited about it. We see a furry of posts for the first few weeks, maybe even a few months, and then the number of posts starts to drop until the blog is hardly updated at all. Nothing kills a blog faster than not updating it. If you are going to start a blog, then choose a posting schedules and stick to it. Whether it’s one post per week or 10 posts per day, make a commitment to keep your blog updated. A non-updated blog is a dead blog.
"Blogging is not just overnight"
Blogging Mistake #2 – You Blog only For Money If you created a blog focused only for money, then you’re in for a shock. Don't get me wrong all of us wants to earn. Yes, you can make good money with a blog, but despite what that Nat…

Most Viewed and Useful Widget Post of Blogs911(theblogger911)

Hi Everyone after a long rest, i will start posting again, after 4months of continuous studying, posting and reading different materials to enhance my knowledge about blogging, I feel exhausted, maybe this is what other pro bloggers are telling, "Blogger Burn out"

"working via the web or behind a computer hasn’t made it any easier either. If anything, today’s technology is encouraging us to work constantly--at home, while on the go, online. It isn’t any wonder then that, as digital workers, we’re burning out faster than ever before."

I take some time to rest and do some other stuffs,
BTW if you also feel you're in the borders of having a blogger Burn out try to do this things
Following these tips, So here I am freshly baked from resting,In the last 4months i have been posting a lot to help new bloggers design their blogs and arranging their templates.

There are posts here that has been visited more than 5thousand per post since it was posted.
I hope that those …

How to Upload/Change a Template of Blogger Blogs

Many newbies have problem starting a blog, one of the most common question is "how to change template of a blog".
There are many free templates that has been shared on blogosphere, but how will you change your current template with the one that you get from other sites?
The second topic is about how will you make a backup of your current template?

Here you can find a lot of templates to choose from
Blogs911 Templates Collection

I hope you read carefully to make this things clear.
Let's start?
How to upload/restore new template for blogs First download your new blogger template to your computer. If the template is contained in a zip file, ensure you have extracted the XML template.

1. Login to your Blogger Account.

2. Click on your blog name.

3. Click on "Template".

4. Click on "Backup / Restore" button.

"Backup / Restore" window will appear.

5. Browse your template file (XML file) and click open.

6. Finally click on "Upload&…

Different Types of Backlinks and Its Importance

Before we start discussing about backlinks you should take in mind that Quality backlink is more important than quantity, having 1 link to a quality site is far more better than having a 100 link to low quality sites.Today we will discuss different types of Backlinks which are "dofollow" and "nofollow".It’s always advised that you should keep building quality dofollow backlinks regarding better SEO and traffic for your website.

Quality Backlinks- A quality backlink is defined as a backlink that comes from a website which has content related to your niche example if you have blogging site then you link to a high PR site that has a blogging topics. Quality backlink comes from site’s which uses your keywords or site’s of same theme. Suppose, receives a backlink from a site using same keywords or on same theme such as blogging, SEO, Make money online etc, this link is regarded as quality Backlink rather than it receives a link from an Automobile websit…

How to Set up Namecheap Custom Domain to Blogger Blogs

Namecheap is widely used web hosting and domain name provider which is being used by millions of people. It is listed in top 10 best web hosting providers and the big advantage of this is YOU CAN USE PAYPAL in purchasing you domain which is not availble in other brands. On the other side, Blogger is famous in best blogging platforms. It allows you to built about hundred blogs in a single account.

You can use free sub domain forever in your blog but if you're interested in removing and place only .com there then you will need to buy the domain name from any web hosting service like Namecheap, Godaddy and Hostgator.

There are many reasons why you should buy a custom domain for blogs. If you have bought any custom domain from and want to set in with your Blogger blog then this article along with tutorial is specially for you because here we're going to learn that how can we setup custom domain in Blogger with Namecheap.

To Start go to

Reasons Why You Should Get a Custom Domain for Your Blogs.

Many people who was encourage to blog and find it interesting is not familiar with the techies that revolves blogging. Usually the first thing that we learn is how to write articles. Some are just telling stories of their day by day experiences. Some are merely blogging just for fun. They create their first blog as their name included in their domain like They don't even have an idea of custom domain. A top level domain like I am sure that if they just know the reasons that someone who blog should buy a custom domain they will buy it. Free platforms like blogger and wordpress are offering subdomains for bloggers and it is totally free. I am also fan of making blogspot blogs before but I realize that I need to buy a custom domain before its too late like in my first blog. Here's a list of benefits that a custom domain will give you.

Benefits of using a custom domain for your Blogger blog
- We are all aware that a custom domain (.co…

How to Adjust or Remove Margins in Your Blogger Blogs Template

Many of us are using templates that are customized by professionals but some parts of it may not be suited with our taste, people think differently and may want to customize and personalize their own blog templates some of this are footer credits and particular part of template. One of the most common is the margins that was made to our templates, we want to limit in some point the white and blank spaces in our site, margins that is too large between widgets may change the sites face. My first post about margins and padding is informative also you may find what you need there.
Controlling all your margins is very easy. The question is how?

Ultimate Label Widget Designs for Blogger Blogs

Label widget is one way to show categories of our posts, it has been installed by blogger with the default simple design, Label widgets may be configured as Cloud, list, alphabetically, or by frequency but the best custom is the cloud to limit that space need for the widget, on my previous posts i have shared Animated 3D like Labels and Label with Matrix Effects,

Today I am going to share multiple style for my readers please feel free to install it in your blogs

Steps1: If you have already installed labels widget then continue to step 2.
if not then install it.
Add it to blogger 1. Go To Blogger Dashboard-> Your blog-> Layout-> Add a Gadget -> Labels.
2. Now make the settings which are shown in the screenshot below.

3. Select the Cloud from the labels display setting.
4. Uncheck the Show number of post per label.
5. save it by pressing orange button.

Step2: Select the style you want then click Add to Blogger another tab will open just select your blog then click add …