13 Crucial Blogging Mistakes You Should Know

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In some point we are new to blogging and may make mistakes. Here are the most crucial mistakes that you should avoid as you start your blogs, remember Blogging is a career with passion.

Blogging Mistake #1 – Not Updated Blogs

It never fails.You sets up a new blog and is all excited about it. We see a furry of posts for the first few weeks, maybe even a few months, and then the number of posts starts to drop until the blog is hardly updated at all. Nothing kills a blog faster than not updating it. If you are going to start a blog, then choose a posting schedules and stick to it. Whether it’s one post per week or 10 posts per day, make a commitment to keep your blog updated. A non-updated blog is a dead blog.
Blogging is not just overnight

Blogging Mistake #2 – You Blog only For Money

If you created a blog focused only for money, then you’re in for a shock. Don’t get me wrong all of us wants to earn. Yes, you can make good money with a blog, but despite what that National Post story on me said, it takes a lot more than “no effort.” 99% of blogs on the Web cannot make more than $100 a month. John Chow dot Com makes money because I don’t blog for money. If the only reason you’re blogging is to get rich, you will fail, Blog and give your best and surely money will come your way.
Blogging needs a consistent effort

Blogging mistake #3- Keyword Stuffing

Probably one of the most common SEO mistakes is keyword stuffing. It’s not only unethical, but also will hurt your search rankings. If you really want to rank for a bunch of keywords, create a separate page for each keyword and optimize for it accordingly. Instead of using hidden or duplicate text, focus on creating useful pages that have your keywords implemented in them as part of the content. Trying to manipulate a search engine like Google is a big no-no. You may see your page in the first page for a week but in a long run Google will hit you and you may not see your blog in search results.
Play hard in a nice way

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Blogging Mistake #4 – Rushing a Post

I am sure we have all been guilty of this – I know I have. A hot story comes up and you want to get it out ASAP, but in your rush to get the post published, you forget to proofread and just hit the Publish button. Whenever I’ve done that, there have always been mistakes in the post. Before you hit Publish, take your time to double/triple check the post to make sure it’s free of errors. If you spot an error after the post, correct it immediately. The best thing to do is to make a post-draft it- rest yourself- and proofread your work in this you’ll have a fresh mind contemplating about your write-ups.
haste make waste

Blogging Mistake #5 – Not Being Personal

A blog is not CNN or News.com. People read your blog to get your opinion and your point of view. Give it to them.

Blogging Mistake #6 – Being a Copycat

What makes your blog stand out from the thousands in the blogsphere? Is your blog unique or is it just another copycat? I am certainly not the first blog to write about this mistakes on the Internet, so what makes my blog stand out other than me posting pictures of my dinner? If you really are going to copy from a source make sure you read it first then rewrite it in your mind not just by copy-pasting it we all have different minds. I’m sure if you do that even words will be different and BTW give some credits.
The most unique thing about your blog is you

Blogging Mistake #7 –  Sacrificing Looks For Content

While many bloggers depend on content to grow their blog, there are some who had become obsessed with the design of their blog. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have an appealing design, some visitors won’t be attracted to your website. However, using too many graphics or images will overcrowd your page and slow it down.

I see many sites using Flash and sacrificing page speed for motion and sounds. Definitely an attractive setting, but not a worthy enough tradeoff. This will also prevent search engine bots from being able to crawl your pages at a desirable faster rate.

Blogging Mistake #8 – Not Responding to Comments

A blog is a two-way communication tool, but many bloggers forget that. When readers comment in your blog, please answer them. If your readers don’t leave comments then try adding these Two Plugins To Increase Blog Comments.

Blogging Mistake #9 – Not Giving a Full Feed RSS

Unless you make 10+ posts per day, there are really no good reasons for not offering a full feed RSS. Since turning on my full feed RSS, my RSS subscribers has increased steadily. I expected traffic to the blog to go down but to my surprise, it kept going up.

Yes, a RSS feed is harder to monetize than a blog, but many RSS readers will unsubscribe to a feed if it’s not full. Not offering a full feed when you do only a few updates a day (or week) just makes you look cheap.

Blogging Mistake #10 – Not Reaching Out To Other Bloggers

The best way to get your blog noticed is by saying hi to other blogs in your niche. The easiest way to do that is to comment on their blogs. I check the comments on my blog all the time and I visit the commentator’s site. I discovered many great blogs this way. Other ways of reaching out to other bloggers includes linking to them, sending trackbacks and adding yourself to their MyBlogLog community. If you’re really creative and have a bit of money to spend, you can even try sending a Google IM.

Blogging Mistake #11 – Writing For Google Instead Of People

Some of you may recall that I am taking an Internet Marketing and SEO class. During this class, the teacher talks about stuff like key phases, keyword density, making sure your content is Google friendly, etc. The only thing I have to say about that is; write for people, not for Google.

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Blogging Mistake #12 – Forgetting The ALT Tag

While Google reportedly (WebCEO software) doesn’t place a big emphasis on ALT tags, other search engines such as AOL, Bing, and Yahoo do. The truth is that a picture is just an image file if it’s not optimized for a keyword. To optimize it, use the ALT tag when inserting your image in a post; you’ll definitely see better results. Also, consider naming the file of the image as your keyword or at least to a defining term. If you’re blogging about copyright laws, name your image as ‘copyright-laws.jpg’, not something like ‘picture10.jpg’ — that simply won’t do you any good.

Blogging Mistake #13 – Not Doing SEO Correctly

There’s not only one right way to optimize your posts for the search engine, but there are general proven methods you can use. For example, in regards to link building, several bloggers I know make the mistake of only linking to the front page of their website. Instead, you should build links that also point to your top, most popular posts. There’s always something new to learn about SEO, so make sure your optimization knowledge is up to date by reading articles or guides from qualified authors such as Google’s Matt Cutts.

You can have the most perfectly written Google optimized page in the world and still not ranked number 1 because Google follows people. And people won’t read a page written for a search engine because it makes no sense. I do keep an eye on my keywords and key phases when I’m writing a post, but I also keep in mind that the readers come first, Google comes second.

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Bonus Tips

These are some of the mistakes added: The use of generic descriptions for posts, not updating the sitemap, broken 404 pages, and grammatical errors in various site contents. Most of all, I see posts that lack organization and simply contain too much text without separation of any sort, such as spacing or headings. That’s simply unattractive to your valued readers. It takes away from the overall experience, and the quality of your website will take a beating. These SEO mistakes may seem basic to some but shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored. Better yet, consider evaluating your blog right away to ensure that your overall SEO is in check.

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