Beautiful Hover Expanding Social Media Buttons For Blogs


Social media now a days is a must for us, we bloggers need ways to generate traffic and the best way to pull traffic is to be belong in a community, to properly promote our articles, good posts needs readers.

Today I’m sharing a great hover expand social media buttons for blogger blogs, I hope this design will attract more your readers, to increase your followers and subscribers

Easy to install widgets

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Instruction Regarding Usage of Widget Generator:

Just follow my instructions

  • First of all log in to your blogger account before you start to use the generator.
  • Change the details of  FaceBook Page ID, Twitter Username, Google + ID, Youtube User Name and Rss Feed burner User ID with your own details and click generate.

    Another page will pop up select on what blog you want to add the widget, you can also write any title for the widget ex: ” Subscribe US, Follow Us etc” and than click on add widget.

  • If in any case you cannot add the widget using the “add to blogger” button, just copy generated code from Code/Demo field and paste in below navigation path Blogger dashboard => Select Blog => Layout tab => Add Widget Button => HTML/JavaScript. 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful design, feel free to drop a comment.


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