Customizable Floating Social Sharing Buttons for Blogs


Lately i have been sharing well designed social buttons that will increase your followers, i already shared the latest floating sharing buttons, also there are many social buttons that amazed my readers you can find it here: widgets. Most of my readers are newbies who wants to design their blogs, and because some previews post needs “inside template” customization I actually think of the ways to improve this post so that others who has less knowledge on “inside template customization” will also benefit with this blog beautification.

Today this post will be easy install using the Add to Blogger option feel free to customized the background color, border width and positioning. Install this on your blogs

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Instruction Regarding Usage of Widget Generator:

Just follow my instructions

  • Before using this generator make sure that you login into your blogger account.
  • Modify the values as you wish., Click generate and then Add to blogger. you will redirected to other page, just select the blog you want to add it then click add to blog
  • then save.

View your Blog and Enjoy
if you want to just something the background color or positioning just return here and customized again and repeat the steps 🙂


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