How to Upload/Change a Template of Blogger Blogs

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Many newbies have problem starting a blog, one of the most common question is “how to change template of a blog”.
There are many free templates that has been shared on blogosphere, but how will you change your current template with the one that you get from other sites?
The second topic is about how will you make a backup of your current template?

Here you can find a lot of templates to choose from
Blogs911 Templates Collection

I hope you read carefully to make this things clear.
Let’s start?

How to upload/restore new template for blogs

First download your new blogger template to your computer. If the template is contained in a zip file, ensure you have extracted the XML template.

1. Login to your Blogger Account.

2. Click on your blog name.

3. Click on “Template”.

4. Click on “Backup / Restore” button.

“Backup / Restore” window will appear.

5. Browse your template file (XML file) and click open.

6. Finally click on “Upload” button.

Go to “Layout” to rearrange your widgets positions correctly.
You are done. 

How to Backup Template of your blogs

1. Login to your Blogger Account.
2. Click on your blog name.
Click template- Click backup/restore

3. Another window will pop-up

4. Click Download full template
Save wherever you want.


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