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I Don't Have Visitors, I’m Going to Quit Blogging!

i quit blogging
I have visitors but I don’t get enough visitors, should I quit blogging?

Ask yourself  you’re a blogger and want to increase your online income then you might have tried every bit to get visitors to your blog like me. But what happened? Any expected results or disappointment?

It’s true that even after posting a lot of nice quality articles we don’t get readers, we don’t get quality backlinks and we also don’t get better ranking in search results page.

Then why are we still blogging?
Should we quit?

I’ll say no. Because if I quit today then I’ll never be able to achieve success in my life and the same will happen with you if you make a decision to leave your passion today. We have to work hard together with a lot of effort and have to work accordingly with a lot of interest in order to see success.

Our works should blow the minds of the readers. Our content should fulfill the demands of the readers. They should not only be benefited but also surprised. We have to surprise them whenever we do something new. We have to make them return everyday to check our works.

But what if we newbies are getting only a few unique visitors daily even after a lot of hard work?

If by writing one post I’m getting 100 unique visitors then what should I think?

I’ve impressed only 100 people on the whole internet?

No. It’s not that. From thousands of internet users I’ve not impressed only 100. It’s that I’ve not targeted my audience. I might have targeted about 200 and most probably out of them 100 have made a visit to my blog.

So here you can learn something…

Target More So That You Can Get More.

>>>>My Small Story<<<<

When I was a school student my mom always used to say, “Try to get 100 in your exam.”
The very first time when see told this I was shocked, “How can I get 100?”
Then my mom replied, “Why you can’t? You can.”

Then I said, “But mom, 100?”

Then see replied, “If you target for 100 then only you will get more than 80.”
And from that day onwards I always tried to follow her rule. You don’t need to wait till I say, “It works” because it’s natural. It will work.

I always follow this rule and I want everyone to apply the same in blogging. It’s a great idea.

A big business doesn’t achieve success with money but with a big idea.

We all know that. But still we go for Cheap SEO services and crazy traffic promising sites.

Let me tell you that success cannot be achieved through a shortcut; we’ve to work hard in order to achieve success in our field. We’ve to grow up some good qualities in order to achieve our goal.


First, we must be determined in what we do. We can’t just start something and end up with nothing. Before starting something we should ask to our self, “Am I on the right track?”

Hard work

Without hard work nothing is possible. What if I just target the goal, but not kick the ball? I may not succeed in my first attempt but at least I should try.

You may fail many a times but there’s no problem. Just keep it up…


You don’t have interest in Blogging? Leave it.

We should never go for a work in which we don’t have interest. If we have interest in your work then it will be no more work but fun.


We should always be curious to learn more, to learn what we don’t know. We should be brave enough to take our first steps towards success.


Work, work, work. We should not stop to see results. If we work hard then it’s sure that results will surprise us.

So these qualities will surely help us to achieve success as every successful man in this world has learned to develop these qualities. We have to do the same now. It’s our time. We have to develop ourselves now.

First we have to work in order to develop ourselves and then our blog.

We can make a difference only after we come to know what we can do, what we can change.

Talked a lot about development! let’s see some ways to get visitors.

Here are 34 technical ways to get visitors to your blog:

  1. Write Quality Content.
  2. Give Great Headlines.
  3. Add relevant Meta tags.
  4. Take benefits of Guest posting.
  5. Add relevant links to the articles you post in Article Directories.
  6. Comment on other blogs.
  7. Choose less competitive keywords.
  8. Get more subscribers by giving something away.
  9. Brand your blog.
  10. Increase social networking.
  11. Help others in forums and groups.
  12. Post regularly.
  13. Build up lists using sources like Warrior Forum & Solo Ads.
  14. Do some offline promotion.
  15. Encourage others to invite their friends.
  16. Optimize your blog for search Engines.
  17. Choose a SEO friendly Theme for your blog.
  18. Do some Onsite Optimization.
  19. Create high Quality Back-links to your blog.
  20. Submit your blog to quality directories.
  21. Increase subscribers by giving something away.
  22. Sent newsletters about new blog posts.
  23. Make your blog load speed faster.
  24. Give a good reading and user experience.
  25. Ask your friends to contribute in your blog.
  26. Submit your blogs sitemap to search engines.
  27. Increase connections with fellow bloggers.
  28. Work on your blog design.
  29. Do some personal branding.
  30. Use good seo plugins.
  31. Get more comments.
  32. Use best sharing plugins.
  33. Keep an eye at blogs engagement and development.
  34. Do analysis and experiments.

Here are 17 inspiring ways to get visitors to your blog:

  1. Believe in yourself.
  2. Teach Others.
  3. Learn from others.
  4. Be brave to take risks.
  5. Choose right track.
  6. Target your goal.
  7. Post what you have.
  8. Be confident, not over confident.
  9. Share success with readers and fellow bloggers.
  10. See a bright future.
  11. Follow great minds.
  12. Encourage others and also yourself.
  13. Keep patience.
  14. Work with interest.
  15. Use time in a right way, don’t kill it.
  16. Tackle problems calmly.
  17. Keep originality and uniqueness.

Before I used to apply the technical ways to get visitors but after applying the inspiring ways I’m getting more visitors as they teach us to work in a proper way. I don’t mean to say that you don’t do seo to get visitors but I mean to say that while doing seo you must do it in a proper way. The inspiring ways will help you not only to get visitors but also help you in developing yourself and your blog to a great extent.

Some Important words.

Why do we need to get visitors (loads of visitors)?
Our blogs are busy roads?

No, we don’t need to get visitors, we don’t need to get more traffic to our blog; but we need highly targeted traffic or what we call is quality traffic. We need to get visitors who will become loyal readers one day, who will appreciate our work, spread it and celebrate success with us.

Finally, I’m Not Getting Loads of Visitors, I’m Not Going to Leave Blogging.

Only not getting more visitors cannot be the reason to quit my passion. I’ll do more to get quality visitors. I’ll show the world what I can do and you need to show what you can do.

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