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Hi Everyone after a long rest, i will start posting again, after 4months of continuous studying, posting and reading different materials to enhance my knowledge about blogging, I feel exhausted, maybe this is what other pro bloggers are telling, “Blogger Burn out”

“working via the web or behind a computer hasn’t made it any easier either. If anything, today’s technology is encouraging us to work constantly–at home, while on the go, online. It isn’t any wonder then that, as digital workers, we’re burning out faster than ever before.”

I take some time to rest and do some other stuffs,
BTW if you also feel you’re in the borders of having a blogger Burn out try to do this things

Following these tips, So here I am freshly baked from resting,In the last 4months i have been posting a lot to help new bloggers design their blogs and arranging their templates.

There are posts here that has been visited more than 5thousand per post since it was posted.
I hope that those who are not able to see my older post will have this opportuniy to look around and grab some widgets for their blogs

  1. Add 3 In 1/5 in 1 and Single Slide Out Follower Box Widget to Blogger Blogs
  2. Add Beautiful Twitter Follow Me Flash Buttons For Blogger Blogs
  3. Beautiful Hover Expanding Social Media Buttons For BlogsNew !!
  4. Customizable Floating Social Sharing Buttons for BlogsNew !!
  5. Customizable Recent Post Image Gallery for Blogger Blogs
  6. Design Your Label Widget with Matrix Effects
  7. Design Your Labels Widget With Beautiful Animated 3D Like Buttons
  8. Facebook Like Box Without Footer Note
  9. Facebook Likebox with White Lightbox Effect for Blogger Blogs
  10. Fast Loading Floating Bar Sharing Buttons for Blogger Blogs
  11. Full Designed and Fast Loading Related Post for BlogsNew !!
  12. How To Add Beautiful Horizontal Random Post to Bloggers Blog
  13. How To Add HTML Contact Form for Blogger Blogs
  14. How To Add Mashable Subscription Box to Blogger Blogs
  15. How To Create Drop Down Menu Form with GO Button for Blogger Blogs
  16. How To Make a Floating Ads and Widgets on The Left or Right Side of Blogs
  17. How to Add Random Post Widget to blogger Blogs
  18. How to Add a Beautiful Accordian Table of Contents for Blogger Blogs
  19. How to Create a Beautiful Table of Contents for Your Blogger Blogs
  20. How to Use Facebook, Disqus and Blogger Comment tab Together in Blogger Blogs
  21. Slider Don’t Forget To Join Our Community Popup Widget for Blogger Blogs
  22. Smooth JQuery Scroll to Top Widget Generator for Blogger Blogs
  23. The Fastest and Easiest Tabber Widget For Blogger Blogs
  24. Ultimate Label Widget Designs for Blogger BlogsNew !!
  25. Ultimate Rotating Social Media Icons for Blogger BlogsNew !!
  26. Ultimate Stylish Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger Blogs

To all readers who continually read my articles thank you 🙂
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