Ultimate Label Widget Designs for Blogger Blogs

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Label widget is one way to show categories of our posts, it has been installed by blogger with the default simple design, Label widgets may be configured as Cloud, list, alphabetically, or by frequency but the best custom is the cloud to limit that space need for the widget, on my previous posts i have shared Animated 3D like Labels and Label with Matrix Effects,

Today I am going to share multiple style for my readers please feel free to install it in your blogs

Steps1: If you have already installed labels widget then continue to step 2.
if not then install it.

Add it to blogger

1. Go To Blogger Dashboard-> Your blog-> Layout-> Add a Gadget -> Labels.
2. Now make the settings which are shown in the screenshot below.

3. Select the Cloud from the labels display setting.
4. Uncheck the Show number of post per label.
5. save it by pressing orange button.

Step2: Select the style you want then click Add to Blogger another tab will open just select your blog then click add to blog

Style 1 

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6 

Style 7

Style 8 

Style 9 

I will be updating this post whenever i found another design, so please subscribe to this post for you to be inform of new desings.
Thank you!


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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Label Widget Designs for Blogger Blogs”

  1. How do you remove the style after installing? I've tried deleting the widget and creating a new one and uploading a backup template but the style doesn't change.

  2. what style didn't change your old style or one of this style? if one of this style just remove the widget. be sure to remove the widget that has this code .label.. and check again.

  3. I had implemented style 8 from here and didn't like it so I tried removing it but uploading a backup template didn't fix it and neither did deleting the widget and creating a new one. The style stayed the same. It fixed itself somewhere along the way though. Thanks for the follow up!

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