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My Blog Was Deleted! Why and How to Back up Our Blog Posts

My blog was deleted! this is the worst case scenario of any blogger. Especially those who are in free hosting companies including the blogspot blogs. You're work is not totally yours. Anytime they want to remove your blog they can do so.

Even if you are not doing anything against their term of service. There are some free hosting companies that will not give any warning or announcement that they are moving away. I have a friend a self hosted blogger that is blogging for almost 1 and half years in a free hosting company. He is taking back up once in a while, but it did happen that he forget to back up for the last 3 months. When the company close their free hosting all of his write ups for the last 3 months was lost. So for you guys that is not yet experiencing it. Be warned for that take back up regularly.

We spent sleepless nights just to come up with a great post then one day our years of hard work will just be gone!

In this posts I will tackle why and how we should take backup of our blog posts and data.

Why We Back Up Blogs Data

Penalized by Google
Before google is just degrading sites that has been categorize as doing Black hat or copied materials all over internet. In the recent reports google is also deleting blogs without any warnings. One of my friend from blogspot platform got deleted just because of a third party script that has malware.

Web Hosting Bogged Down
Free hosting is prone in server crashing but even if  you are in paid hosting it won't give any assurance that your files are secure. You may lost all your data at once.If you are in self hosted sites there are programs that offers automatic backup but if your hosting doesn't allow it you should take manual back up.

How to upload or restore blog templates

Hackers' Attack
There are always a bad guy that will want to hack your site especially if your site is a high rank. If you are in blogger you can take your blogs back up manually. If you're in wordpress there are many plugins that you can  use.

Viruses and Malwares Attack
Ad-networks is the main source of this malware attacks. Some may get this through widget scripts and programs. Be sure that the provider of scripts are trusted before putting it to your blog.

Prevent Others To Copy Your Contents

How to get a backup of our valuable blog data

We can do these back up easily. There are 2 ways that you can take backup of your blog. Just you have to go through some easy steps.

First Option: Taking backup from Blog Tools

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Go to your Settings-> Other tab.

Step 3 Click on "Export Blog" then your blog XML file will save.

Why and How to Back up Our Blog Posts

Second Option: Taking backup by Google Takeout Service

Google has introduce Google Takeout service where you can easily take backup all of your blog data instantly. To use this just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and log into account with your existing Google account.

Step 2 Now click on Choose services tab from the top.

Step 3 Under Select A Service Choose Blogger

Step 4 Now click on Create Achieve Button

13 Crucial Mistakes of a Blogger

Why and How to Back up Our Blog Posts

By Google takeout service you will be able to take your blogs all data separately such as blog, image, Google Plus, YouTube and many more.

If you have other ways to back up your files and posts please share by commenting below.

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