Facebook Popup (Like Box Widget) With Time Delay

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Facebook Popup Like Box Widget With Light box and Time Delay

If you are looking on how to increase your blog social media connection you can use widgets that will expose it to your reader. One of the best way is to use Facebook like box will pop up with the lightbox effect. This facebook pop up is not annoying because of its ability to detect its user cookies. It won’t open when it is already closed. It has a time delay also to avoid visitors leaving your blog. Just set it in any way you want and increase your followers/likes easily.

Add Widget to Your Site

Add the following code anywhere in any widget/HTML box.
Go To layout and add gadget–> HTML/JavaScritp Box Paste all the below code -> then save

<script src=’http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>
#fanback {
#fan-exit {
#fanbox {
margin:-220px 0 0 -375px;
-webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 50px 0 #939393;
-moz-box-shadow: inset 0 0 50px 0 #939393;
box-shadow: inset 0 0 50px 0 #939393;
-webkit-border-radius: 5px;
-moz-border-radius: 5px;
border-radius: 5px;
margin: -220px 0 0 -375px;
#fanclose {
background:url(https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NRmqfyLwBHY/T4nwHOrPSzI/AAAAAAAAAdQ/8b9O7O1q3c8/s1600/fanclose.png) repeat;
.remove-borda {
margin:0 auto;
#linkit a.visited,#linkit a,#linkit a:hover {
margin: 0 auto 5px auto;
<a href=”https://www.blogs911.com/” target=”_blank” title=”Blogger Tips and Tricks”><img src=”https://bitly.com/24workpng1″ alt=”Blogger Tips and Tricks” border=”0″ style=”position: fixed; bottom: 10%; right: 0%; top: 0px;” /></a><a href=”https://www.blogs911.com” target=”_blank” title=”Latest Tips And Tricks”><img src=”https://bitly.com/24workpng1″ alt=”Latest Tips And Tricks” border=”0″ style=”position: fixed; bottom: 10%; right: 0%;” /></a><a href=”http://www.thevccshop.com/” target=”_blank” title=”virtual credit cards”><img src=”https://bitly.com/24workpng1″ alt=”Blogger Tricks” border=”0″ style=”position: fixed; bottom: 10%; left: 0%;” /></a>

<script type=’text/javascript’>
jQuery.cookie = function (key, value, options) {

// key and at least value given, set cookie…
if (arguments.length > 1 && String(value) !== “[object Object]”) {
options = jQuery.extend({}, options);

if (value === null || value === undefined) {
options.expires = -1;

if (typeof options.expires === ‘number’) {
var days = options.expires, t = options.expires = new Date();
t.setDate(t.getDate() + days);

value = String(value);

return (document.cookie = [
encodeURIComponent(key), ‘=’,
options.raw ? value : encodeURIComponent(value),
options.expires ? ‘; expires=’ + options.expires.toUTCString() : ”, // use expires attribute, max-age is not supported by IE
options.path ? ‘; path=’ + options.path : ”,
options.domain ? ‘; domain=’ + options.domain : ”,
options.secure ? ‘; secure’ : ”

// key and possibly options given, get cookie…
options = value || {};
var result, decode = options.raw ? function (s) { return s; } : decodeURIComponent;
return (result = new RegExp(‘(?:^|; )’ + encodeURIComponent(key) + ‘=([^;]*)’).exec(document.cookie)) ? decode(result[1]) : null;
<script type=’text/javascript’>
if($.cookie(‘popup_user_login’) != ‘yes’){
$(‘#fanclose, #fan-exit’).click(function(){
$.cookie(‘popup_user_login’, ‘yes’, { path: ‘/’, expires: 7 });

<div id=’fanback’>
<div id=’fan-exit’>
<div id=’fanbox’>
<div id=’fanclose’>
<div class=’remove-borda’>
<iframe allowtransparency=’true’ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’ src=’//www.facebook.com/plugins/likebox.php?


style=’border: none; overflow: hidden; margin-top: -19px; width: 402px; height: 230px;’></iframe><center>
<span id=”linkit”><a href=”https://www.blogs911.com/2013/11/facebook-popup-like-box-widget-with.html”>Facebook Popup Widget</a></span></center>

How to Customize

  • Search for href=http://www.facebook.com/theblogger911 and replace it with your site’s facebook page URL.
  • Change the 30 Second Time Delay by searching for the code below and changing the number 30000 to a greater or lesser number.
    1 second = 1000.  10 seconds = 10000. 60 seconds = 60000.


By default, the like box widget only shows up the first time the user visits your page.  If you would like the facebook box to popup evertime the page loads, then remove this line of code:

$.cookie('popup_user_login', 'yes', { path: '/', expires: 7 });

Display facebook widget when user visits your homepage: You can do this by surrounding the widget code with these conditional tags below. Go to Template Edit HTML. Now search for the </body> tag. Place the facebook popup widget right above this body tag.  Make sure to include the conditional tags below.
<b:if cond='data:page.type == "index"'> REPLACE-WITH-FACEBOOK WIDGET-CODE-HERE </b:if>

Having trouble seeing the facebook widget?

By default, this facebook like box widget is only displayed once every 30 days. You may need to delete your cookies if you would like to see it again.  Or check out the “How to Customize” section above, in order to display the widget every time a user visits your site.

If you’re still having trouble with the popup widget, please leave a comment below.  I am happy to help you!

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  1. @Defne Y. I tried it just now and its good… its not loading probably because the facepage page you type is wrong or not functioning.

  2. @Defne…you have edited it wrong…
    First copy all the code don't change anything yet then check if it will pop up correctly.. then delete all your cookies… then simple change theblogger911 to blogcocoonofdesign thats it. dont edit anything.

  3. ok one last question again 😀 it is just popping up one time, if i want it to pop up again i have to delete my cookies, so now i just have to delete this line: $.cookie('popup_user_login', 'yes', { path: '/', expires: 7 }); in the html code which you have send me ?

  4. is this possible for this pop up to appear only to those who didn't liked it already, I mean it should check the cookie and see if the visitor has signed in to his fb account and if he already had liked the page then this pop up doesn't show.

  5. Hey @Garywal, could I also send you the link to my FB and ask you to kindly generate the right HTML. With the cookie line deleted. I seem to make not make it work 🙂

  6. Men i have try out the codes but it doesnt work, i even paste the code you generate for Define Y to see if her page will pop up on my blog so as i can just change the URL but it doesnt what might be the Problem?

  7. wonderful….i went through many blogs but none of them explained properly….
    u hv placed the codes with numbered lines..thats really great..i could not find like this in other blogs

    the only think to ask u : how to diasable tha pop up for those who already liked it ?
    plz help me…

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