How To Fix Naked Domain(w/out www)Loading Problem

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Once you decided to buy a custom domain for your blog the second thing you need to know is how to set it up. Then after changing your blogspot domain to your own domain URL your done. Not quite if you didn’t check if your newly change URL is opening correctly. Domain with www and without www in front is 2 different URL and must be redirected correctly.

If you have problem with the site loading without www then this article will be a great help for you.
I’ve been here before when I was still newbie in blogging and for my first blog this is my problem. After buying in godaddy for my very first domain it is not redirecting my to So to give light for those who are newbies I want to share this tutorial.

You may want to know why you need to buy custom domain for blogs.
If youn already purchased domain from godaddy you check my set up tutorial here and for namecheap read it here

Lets now start fixing your domain loading problem.
Be sure to correctly input your DNS

Put following ip’s in A hosts and enter site specific code in Cname record

The code needed for this can be found in your blog. CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGES

Click on add a custom domain
After this add your domain which you bought

So you got it code copy the code and insert in cname record.
This is all, now your blog points to your domain.
After doing this step, enter yourdomain here again.

So this is only step which opens your domain without www. Now your domain can be open without http. Now you feel in comfort zone just like me now.



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