Blog Earning With Addynamo Adsense Alternatives

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AdDynamo Adnetwork as a review

Alternative ways of earning if we are not accepted by adsense is AdDynamo. This addynamo adnetwork review will motivate you and show you the potential of this Africa’s leading digital advertising marketplace¬†

Blog Earning With Addynamo Adsense Alternatives

As of writing this they have already increased the number of advertisers which is the problem of the former publishers. They complain of having no advertisement on their site, but they didn’t know that advertisement are just hidden in IP’s of viewers.

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I am here in the Philippines and ads that are showing in my IP are just blank ads and sometime it is the in-house ads of addynamo which is the pink flash ads.

  • They are now offering paid tweets for their publishers that will generate a lot of money if you have good numbers of followers
  • They have Advertisement for CPC and CPM’s
  • They are now Partner of Adsense! They have this Adx program which allows you to have adsense ads in your site.
  • And this week they are launching their new program which is Paid Contents


  • Following a short setup process where we activate your site for the service, your website becomes visible to advertisers.
  • Advertisers direct opportunities your way. You have no obligation – review them & if you are comfortable, set the price you want to be paid.
  • Upon acceptance of your price, you draft the content.
  • Once the content is reviewed you publish & get paid.

I will show you later my payment proof for this adnetwork
As I remember approval from addynamo is just easy they are not choosy and will accept even if your site is just an hour old with no contents but of-course don’t expect for advertiser if you don’t have content.

Here are some details that you may want

  • Minimum payout: ¬£20 by paypal
  • Ads type: Banner ads, paid content and paid tweets
  • Affiliate marketing: No
  • Revenue shared: 70-30 (publisher-network)
  • Earnings type: CP, CPM
  • Market place: No

My experience:

Since then I am using this adnetwork and having patience with their advertisements. I was offered to be a participant of their Adx Partnership with Google adsense will gives me a more lot of income.

Payment Proof for AdDynamo Adnetwork as a review

Payment Proof for AdDynamo Adnetwork as a review

Remember: They are the fastest adnetwork to pay their Publishers and they are on time to pay in monthly basis every 1st or 2nd of each month.

You can also get more from this adnetwork, adsense ads with no “killer guidelines” from adsense policy.


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