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krytoads adnetwork review and payment proof as best adsense alternatives

As bloggers we always find ways to earn some money, out of the effort we give in writing quality contents. I will be true that almost all pro-bloggers out there are thinking that they can earn by sharing good quality contents. One of the best way to earn in blogging is through adsense but since many blogger are abusing it Adsense made a step in screening all applications since then adsense approval become a burden for most bloggers and even if you got approved maintaining it is another part of the story.

Here I am going to introduce a tested adsense alternative. Kryptoads started to contact me when my blog is stil but I did not respond to their email. Then weeks passed when I bought my domain they started to contact me again that time I gave them a shot since I haven’t got my approval yet from adsense since my blog is not yet 6 months old. So now what is KryptoAds?

Krypto Ads is a CPM Ad Network Company. They focuses on the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the publishers who are willing to generate revenue. They serve million of ad impressions every day delivering amazing results for advertisers and high profitable revenue for publishers.

Easy Approval
Ads showing are adsense ads so has a good designs and easy to load
They have a good customer support (they reply almost instantly compare to others).
They have Listing of publishers (you’ll have good exposure and Backlinks).
They are paying and I have tried them.
The minimum is Just 10$ you can easily get it.
They have referral systems (10%)
Good dashboard

Every ad slot needs to be approved by them
They don’t have an option for allowing targetting (means you can’t select for your own price)
The ads showing in your site are usually not related since it is google adsense (adchoices)
The rates are not as high as adsense but competitive compare to other adnetworks
It only allows 3 ad slot like adsense


Payment Type: CPM, CPC
Payment method: Paypal
Payment schedule: Net45
Country: UK
Minimum payment: $10
Support: Telephone: Email:

I tried them and thankful for the results

KryptoAds Payment proof

You can try them and be sure to come back for your reviews
Try kryptoads now

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