Google Page Rank Unexpected Update of December 6, 2013

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December 6, Early morning this year 2013, Google released a Google Toolbar PageRank update. This release shocked webmasters and bloggers because no one expected it, at least not in 2013.

As you may remember, the last Toolbar PageRank update was over 10 months ago on February 4th. As I said at the six-month point, it was unusually for Google not to push out a PageRank update quarterly. Then Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, told us there won’t be a PageRank update before 2014 – or at least he thought so.

PageRank Update as of December 6, 2013

December 6th, the Google Toolbar PageRank values have been updated. I guess the upper management, executives, or Larry Page, didn’t want PageRank to go away after all.

This makes me sad, as I am sure it makes many Googlers sad. Why? Because SEOs and Webmasters obsess about Toolbar PageRank, to the fault of Google. And as I said time after time:
Despite PageRank still being part of the algorithm, SEOs know that toolbar PageRank is often outdated and not that useful. In addition, there are many other factors part of the algorithm that may or may not be as important as PageRank.

One of my blog site improved from PR0 to PR1 this is my first blog and I didn’t create a custom domain for that for some reasons, The Blogs911 is a newly created domain so I did not expect to have a PR on this maybe on the next PR update next year hope so.

Anyway, I do hope your green pixel dust improved since February.

Here is a useful video from Matt on this:

Is Google Pagerank pointless?

Certainly not – and there are indications that Google uses Pagerank even today to choose a reputable source for a piece of duplicate content found on multiple sites, for instance. Sites with no Pagerank at all can often be signs of β€˜dead’ spammy sites, too, which is useful when investigating backlinks to a website.

Please comment below for reactions and tell me if your website affected by PR update or not.


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