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How To Easily Install Google Analytics To Blogs

One of the best way to monitor our blog of its advancement including traffic count and characteristics of readers is to have Google analytics installed in your blog. You spend many hours writing great articles for your website. So why not take a few minutes to set up Google Analytics to monitor your stats?There are many advantage of having this installed because almost everything in your blogs will be monitored, much more useful in advertising purposes in which you can track and see your targeted viewers. There are also many Adnetworks that needs your Analytics data for approval purposes.

This step by step tutorial will teach you on How To Easily Install Google Analytics To Blogger Blogs

1. Visit: and sign in your account or register a new one
2. Fill out information, then click Get Tracking ID

3. Now Log In to your Blogger Blog account
4. In the left navigation, select Settings
5. Under settings go to Others
6. Enter the Tracking code (UA-38929214-1)


How to Remove or Delete Locked Widgets on Blogs

There are lots free and paid blogger templates where you can use to design your sites but one thing you might have faced while applying new template. Sometimes, when we change any new template on our site it contains some locked widgets in blogger layout which we can't remove easily as the remove or delete options are missing from the widget. Some example are Navbar and Attribution widgets by default which are also locked. So, in this tutorial, we'll learn that how can we remove locked widgets in blogsIt is hard to set the Layout with Blogger, as they have so many limitations. I think you may also experienced so many layout setting problems. In this post i am posting one solution for one of the main problems, that a blogger is facing from Blogspot. So now let's learn how can we remove locked widgets in blogs
About Deleting Locked Widgets on Your Blogs When we're aimed to create professional blog specially on Blogger platform it's important to take care of each and…