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Install Wordpress Site on your Computer using XAMPP

Installing a WordPress site on your local computer would be very helpful in practicing blogging. This is a great way to develop your website or blog. It allows you to try things out and get your website configured perfectly without running the risk of experimenting on your actual site. Recently I received an email through the Contact page and the reader asked if there was a way to install wordpress blog on Windows computer. Windows? As a matter of fact there is. It’s a similar application called XAMPP.

What is XAMPP?
The X in XAMPP represents four different Operating Systems. Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. Yes that’s right, it works on all four of them. So the actual acronym goes like this:

X = four different Operating Systems
A = Apache
P = Perl

With all the functions and scripting languages that today’s websites use, especially WordPress, this application gives you everything bundled together in one neat little package. Cool huh? So without further ado, here we…

How to Enable, Disable, Show Existing, and Hide Existing Comments in Blogger Specific Page and Post

Blogger comments is one way of communicating to your audience and readers. There are some bloggers who are looking for topics asked by their commentators. Many of us are using comments system to talk about the specific article on how we see and understand it including your own experiences in the said article. That is how important comments are for us but there are some instances that we don't want others to comment on some of article and pages that we create ex. is contact, about us, and other pages we do not want to be commented.

Here are steps on how you can disable or enable comment system on your specific post or page. You can also hide or show if there is already comments.

Just follow the step by step instructions.
Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard enter into specific post or any static page where you want to disable or hide comment.

Step 3 now you would see at the right sidebar of writing panel or post editor Post Se…